Ambassador Program

Get involved with the USA Triathlon Foundation Ambassador Team to cultivate community, support athletes in their goals, and give back to the sport.

About the Team:  Founded in 2018, the USA Triathlon Foundation Ambassador Team powered by Newton is made up of first-time triathletes to seasoned veterans. Members are committed to fundraising and spreading the word about the philanthropic work that the USA Triathlon Foundation does to impact USA Triathlon, the sport, and our triathlon communities. The USAT Foundation Ambassador Team aims to cultivate community, support athletes in their goals, and give back to the sport. Ambassadors fundraise money on behalf of the USA Triathlon Foundation and receives benefits at each fundraising level.

2023 Ambassador Roster:

  • Debbie (Smulevitz) Fratrik                          
  • John Anthony 
  • Kimee Armour
  • Joella Baker
  • Julianna Batizy-Morley
  • Lorrie Beck
  • Allyson Bennett 
  • Lyndze Blosser
  • Peter Boncelet
  • Christian Botting
  • William Brent
  • Joni Briganti
  • Mike Buenting
  • Esmeralda Carr
  • Maryann Carrero
  • Tanakorn Cheeptumrong
  • Patrick Clay
  • Kate Condon
  • Carol Coram
  • Leah DeKalb
  • Chris DeRienzo
  • Steve Doinidis
  • Monica Doval
  • Sean Downes
  • Johanna Downs
  • Mark Drangsholt
  • Markus Ernst
  • Susan Felicissimo
  • Carlos Fernandez
  • Stephanie Fernandez
  • Nate Fillers
  • Jamie Fuhrman
  • Justin Grand
  • Erika Griffith
  • Chip Grizzard
  • Susan Haag
  • Scott Harder
  • Suzy Heffernan
  • Fredricka Holloway
  • Lexi Hutton
  • Rosalind Jarrett Sepulveda
  • Kathie Johnson
  • Andy Kelsey
  • Melissa Langworthy
  • Asher Lauderdale
  • Steve Lovelace
  • Natalie Lutz
  • Dave Mandelkern
  • Aaron Marks
  • Tyler Mastello
  • Jude McCarthy
  • Corey McKenna
  • Neal McLaughlin
  • Kim Michael-Lee 
  • Joy Miles
  • Alex Montes
  • Denise Mueller
  • Claudio Navas
  • Shelley Navin
  • Chris Navin
  • Kristen Neimeth
  • Melanie Otte
  • Steph Popelar
  • Ginger Potts
  • Caleb Prewitt
  • Alison Raitt
  • Miriam Raviv
  • Sue Reynolds
  • Kelly Rockwell
  • Charles Rossi
  • Samantha Rothberg
  • Jess Saalfield
  • Azia Saubers
  • Maria Seiler
  • Abigail Silberman
  • Corey Smith
  • Victoria Solis
  • Angela Sprau
  • Gillian Staudt
  • David Stone
  • Cherilyn Suiter
  • Kaitlin Switzer
  • Lisa Thomas
  • George Van Meter
  • Joshua Vernon
  • Natali Villarruel
  • Alberto Vivas
  • David Whelan 
  • David Wilson
  • Christine Wodke
  • Steven Worth
  • Paul Yankey
  • Jim Young
  • Melissa Czarnecki 
  • Christie Henderson
  • Melanie Mosher

Ambassador Requirements:

  1. Must be an active USA Triathlon annual member
  2. Must adhere to the USAT rules and regulations and represent the Foundation in a positive manner.
  3. Be active and share the mission of the Foundation Ambassador team in your community by attending local races as a USAT Foundation Ambassador
  4. Assist the Foundation/USAT out with promoting/sharing its annual campaigns
  5. Commitment to sharing what they’ve done throughout the year - photos/videos and info about what ambassadors are doing in their local communities – this will allow the USAT Foundation to share across our channels and also share with any partners who are involved to show them their dollars are making an impact
  6. $250 Membership Gift. With this gift you will receive a USAT Foundation Triathlon Ambassador Kit, USAT Foundation Ambassador t-shirt, bag tag, and a sticker.

2023 Ambassador Program Goal: 50 Active Ambassadors fundraising a minimum $1,000 in the calendar year.

Application Process:

  • October: Application Opens
  • December: Notification of Ambassador Selection
  • December: Nomination, Voting, and Selection of Leadership Team
  • January: 2023 Team Kickoff Call
  • January: Press Release Announcing Leadership Team and Ambassadors

**NOTE: Ambassadors can join at ANY time throughout the year!**

Engagement Opportunities throughout the year 

  • Bimonthly Ambassador Townhalls
  • Monthly ambassador newsletters (via email)
  • Ambassador happy hour at Endurance exchange- kickoff for the year
  • Happy hours at each 2023 USAT event
  • Ambassador Meet Ups at Local/Regional races
  • Ambassador Facebook Page

Other Incentives: 

  • Ambassador Referral Program

  • Access to  USA Triathlon Foundation Resources and Fundraising Materials

Fundraising Benefits:

Fundraising Level


$250 Membership Gift

  • USAT Foundation Ambassador race kit
  • USAT Foundation Ambassador t-shirt
  • Sticker
  • Bag tag
  • Unlock access to USAT Foundation Ambassador Team Store
  • Invitation to Ambassador happy hours at all USAT events


  • Two (2) challenge coins
  • USAT Foundation Ambassador hat
  • USAT Foundation pin


  • One (1) ticket to USAT Foundation Gala at USAT Nationals
  • Complimentary pair of Newton running shoes
  • USAT Foundation polo
  • Access for one (1) to VIP tent at Multisport Festival + USAT Nationals
  • Exclusive USA Triathlon bronze medal


  • Two (2) tickets to USAT Foundation Gala at USAT Nationals
  • 50% discount on entry to Fantasy Camp 2024
  • Rudy Project sunglasses OR helmet
  • Access for (2) to VIP tent at Multisport Festival + USAT Nationals
  • Exclusive USA Triathlon silver medal


  • Inclusion and write-up in USA Triathlon Magazine
  • Complimentary entry to Fantasy Camp 2024
  • Exclusive USA Triathlon gold medal

The top ambassadors who raise the most money will get ONE of these Opportunities:

*Minimum is $10k*

  • Complimentary spot to Challenge Roth 2024
  • Complimentary KONA VIP Access 2024
  • Training experience with USA Triathlon Project Podium Team
  • Complimentary table for 10 at USAT Foundation Gala
*Dependent upon availability*

Additional benefits for ALL Ambassadors

  • 20% discount on Hall of Fame gala tickets
  • All USAT member partner discounts


Ready to become an ambassador but have questions? Email