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Ironhawk Junior Triathlon Club

Moving Young People. Changing Lives.

Getting children involved in physical activity can have a
tremendous impact on their lives. Children who are physically active establish healthy lifestyles, build confidence and character and develop camaraderie with their peers. Many children never get the opportunity to participate in multisport,
let alone participate in a free program.

In order to address this area of need, in 2019 the USA Triathlon Foundation provided support to the all-girls Ironhawk Junior
Triathlon Club to help with their youth triathlon program. With the mission to provide resources to open pathways to triathlon for all, the USA Triathlon Foundation was able to support the program by providing free youth triathlon memberships to 200 of the club’s participants.

Founded in 2018, Ironhawk Juniors Triathlon Club was started
to build confidence and empower girls through a free triathlon training program culminating in a triathlon. With a mission to encourage all youth, regardless of ethnicity, economic circumstances or physical ability to participate in triathlon, Ironhawk Juniors offers everyone the chance to learn the three
disciplines of triathlon and to accomplish what may seem impossible. Girls are empowered and taught to honor themselves and others. To encourage participation, Ironhawk covers all program costs including bikes, swimsuits, running shoes, goggles and USA Triathlon youth memberships.

Through a partnership with the USA Triathlon Foundation in
2019, 267 girls in Omaha, Nebraska, and the surrounding areas participated in the triathlon training program and completed their first triathlon. Not only did the
program increase every participant’s confidence, but it created lifelong athletes and taught the girls the importance of setting and achieving goals.

One athlete stands out after completing the Ironhawk Juniors
program. Hailey was scared to ride her bike down the sidewalk and nervous to swim in the deep end of the pool. Never did she think she would complete a triathlon. Nor did she think she would wake up early before school to train. Hailey’s experience with the Ironhawk Juniors program taught her she can push
herself and achieve anything she puts her mind to.

“Hailey is a stronger and a more confident girl because of the
program! She is still beside herself that she completed a triathlon! Thank you so much for everything you have done for these girls!” said Hailey’s parents.

Ironhawk Juniors has already started planning for the 2020
program, hoping to impact more youth in the Omaha area. The USA Triathlon Foundation is proud to play a role in the continued growth of youth triathlon participation and hopes to continue to help support great programs, such as Ironhawk Junior Triathlon Club.

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