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USA Triathlon Pillar Grant Program

Applications are closed

******Update on the Grant Program ******
The goal of the USA Triathlon Foundation’s Pillar Grant program is to provide funding opportunities to help support the growth of the sport. Through these challenging times, we are closely monitoring the situation surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus) and its impact on our multisport community. We have yet to determine the dates of our grant program for 2020. Once we determine the most appropriate time to open our application window, we will post that information on this page, as well as on
usatriathlon.org and via press release. We look forward to helping you grow our multisport community.

By submitting this grant application, you agree to the following:

Acceptance of Grant: The grant to your organization/individual from the USA Triathlon Foundation is made solely for the purpose(s) described within you application. Donation of the grant is made conditional to your acceptance of the terms described herein.

Payment Schedule: The grant will be donated within 90 days after submitting supporting documents to the USA Triathlon Foundation.

Terms of the Grant: The funds shall be donated only to the named organization/individual or agency listed on the application and no assignment, transfer or encumbrance in favor of any party shall be recognized. In the event that your grant needs to be re-processed due to incorrect information being received in this application, the administrative cost of $50 associated with re-processing will be deducted from the amount of your initial grant donation.

Provisions: In accepting this grant, the grantee accepts the following conditions:
  • To use the funds solely for the stated purposes
  • To repay any portion of the grant that is not used for the state purpose
  • To maintain program and financial records adequate to verify expenditure and activity related to this grant
  • To provide acknowledgement of this gift from the USA Triathlon Foundation
  • To provide a grant recap report to the USA Triathlon Foundation by the deadline listed in the grantee agreement.
  • Have club members follow USA Triathlon and the USA Triathlon Foundation on social media.
  • Issue a press release about the grant
  • Include the USA Triathlon Foundation logo on your website as a supporter/partner or sponsor
  • Program administrator or individual must complete SafeSport Training prior to receipt of the funds.
2020 Grant Guidelines
1. Grants will be awarded on a yearly basis for up to $5,000. If the request is part of a larger need, the grant requests should indicate how the other funds will be obtained to ensure the overall program is adequately funded. The grant activities must be initiated and completed during the grant year and all funds will be distributed in the year of the grant award. Grant requests for multiple years will only be awarded for the first year. However, the grant requester can submit a grant request again the following year.

2. Requests for grants can come from both 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations as well as individuals or organizations as well as teams and clubs.

3. Grant applicants must fill out the USA Triathlon Foundation Grant Application Form in its entirety. Only fully completed applications will be considered for grant approval.

4. It is encouraged but not mandatory that the grant requestor submit a video regarding the specific programs that they would like to be funded through the grant. Should a video be submitted and the grant approved, the Foundation reserves the rights to use the video for Foundation marketing, promotion, and awareness.

5. Applications must be received no later than the closing date of the grant period. Grant applications can be sent via email to info@usatriathlonfoundation.org, submitted here, or can be mailed to the following address.

USA Triathlon Foundation
Attn: Foundation Grant Committee
5825 Delmonico Dr., Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

6. Requests will be reviewed by the USA Triathlon Board of Trustees and applicants will be informed of grant approval or denial. Approved grant requests will receive an "Acceptance Agreement Form" that must be completed and received by the Foundation before funds can be distributed. Grant funds will be distributed upon completion of grant acceptance letter and supporting documentation received by USAT Foundation. Formal documentation and receipts will be required by the Foundation to ensure the funds are used properly and in accordance with the approved application.

7. Approved grant recipients will be required to submit a follow up report regarding how the funds were used and the measurable outcomes and benefits achieved. This information should be received within 30 days of the completion of the program or by the end of the year in which the funds are distributed.

8. Should you have any questions or need clarification, please email the USA Triathlon Foundation Grant Committee at info@usatriathlonfoundation.org and someone from the Grant Committee will get back to you promptly.

Things to Consider

  • If you are applying as a triathlon club, are you an offical USA Triathlon club?
  • If you are applying as an individual, is your USA Triathlon Membership up to date?
  • Have you or your organization followed the USA Triathlon Foundation on social media?
  • Only organizations and individuals from the United States are eligible to apply.
  • Have you completed a Safesport Certification?