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Gabriela Gallegos

Hometown: El Paso, Texas

Education: Bachelor of Arts in government and philosophy, Cornell University; Master’s in public policy and J.D., University of California – Berkeley

Career: Owner and race director, Race El Paso; consultant, Institute for Healthy Living at University of Texas El Paso; attorney

Years involved in multisport: 14 (participated in my first triathlon in 2005; directed first triathlon in 2010

Role with USA Triathlon Foundation: USA Triathlon Board Liaison

What drove you to the multisport lifestyle and the USA Triathlon Foundation? I trained for my first triathlon as an adult with no swimming, cycling, or running background. Crossing the finish line was transformative — the joy and exhilaration of that personal achievement motivated me to continue racing and train for more races and longer distances. I became a race director years later, after returning to my hometown of El Paso, Texas. I discovered a lack of high-quality multisport events in the region and the need to encourage active, healthy lifestyles. I believe that triathlon offers the opportunity for goal-setting, personal achievement, community building and active living for a broad range of adults and kids.

Athletic accomplishments: I'm an IRONMAN finisher, but my biggest athletic accomplishment was my first sprint triathlon. Satisfied with my finish, I left the race and celebrated with friends at breakfast. Hours later, I learned that I'd won my age group!