Brynn and Ella Sheeley

Brynn and Ella Sheeley were recipients of the Bridget Inspires Grant in 2019. They embodied passion and love for the multisport lifestyle.

Brynn and Ella participated in the RipRoar Youth Triathlon series in the summer of 2019, racing in 3 of the 4 races for the season. Being inspired by Bridget, both girls set big goals for this season. Ella wanted to make the podium at some point during this season. She accomplised her goal finishing 5th place out of 26 twelve year olds. Brynn just like to enjoy the races and practices. She doesn't worry about time or her place. She just likes to make friends and enjoy herself while racing. The girl's mother wrote a short summary of these extra-ordinary girls and their passion for triathlon: 

Each girl ended up getting a friend join to race with them throughout the season. In addition, Brynn made a friend on the run course at the first race and they finished the run hand in hand. They formed a friendship through the season and always looked for each other at each race. Brynn has never been competitive time wise, but works hard at each practice and races, and races with such joy! She always has a smile on her face. She is our family belly flop champion and started the championship race with a belly flop into the lake. She is funny, never taking herself to seriously and is a friend to everyone. I want to be more like her.

Ella is more reserved, takes herself and racing more seriously and is more competitive. You'll see photos of her and one of her good friends who joined for the championship race. Ella set a big goal to make the podium sometime this season, and made it into 5th place at the championship race with a huge PR and felt really accomplished to make the podium and earn a medal. She started 7th grade cross country a few weeks ago and has learned that her hard work over the summer has paid off for the cross country season as well. Her dad and I don't care if she finishes first or last, but we love that she's learning that her hard work pays off. Despite only going to 3 of the 4 RipRoar races, she finished the season as 5th overall for the series (out of 26 twelve year old girls). Ella also raced at a smaller youth tri in DeWitt, IA and won the race in the 12-15 year old girl category. She beat some girls older than her, and showed a lot of determination on the run (started the run in 3rd place). She inspires me with her quiet dedication, consistency and work ethic. She's not naturally the fastest kid out there but she has a lot of grit. I want to be more like her. The thing that we love most about triathlon, and RipRoar events in particular, is the positivity amidst a really competitive group of kids. Kids and parents alike are cheering for each other and celebrating each other's succes