Michellie Jones

Michellie Jones is one of the most decorated triathletes in the history of the sport. Never before has the sport seen achievements across all distances and disciplines of racing. From Olympic success, Ironman victories and of course World Championships wins, all are apart of this incredible resume. 

Although Michellie Jones's most impressive talent are not just proud in her accolades that include Olympic medals, Ironman Championship Titles and ITU World Championships but in her unique ability and vast experience to access goals and provide all the ingredients required to be successful. 

Jones has been coaching athletes for over 20 years, from Elite Age Groupers to first-time Ironman finishers. Her coaching philosophy is directed towards cultivating hardworking, focused athletes and teams with an empahsis on teamwork, perserverance, and inspiring athletes to do their best. She also empowers each athlete to optimum athletic and personal success. She is a USAT Level 1 certified coach, a Ironman certified coach, TrainingPeaks Level 1 certified coach and head coach at giddyupmultisports.com, Zoot Triathlon Team and UCSD Club Triathlon Coach. Her passion for coaching is driven by the same determination that drove her professional career- the will to succeed!