Michael Smith

Ambassador Team Captain

Resides in: Castle Rock, Colorado 

Educational Background: Central Texas Univeristy 

Athletic/Professional Career:  Michael first joined the military in September 1998. While working as a station commander, stationed in Nashville, Tennessee, he was involved in a hit and run accident which left him with an above elbow amputation. Facing medical retirement, Michael made the decision to fight for what he knew he wanted, which was to remain in active duty with the United States Army.  

After lengthy rehabilitation, he fought his way to stay as an active-duty member despite having lost his arm by completing all physical agility and marksmanship assessments often times outperforming able bodied soldiers. After a board review, he was allowed to remain active duty making him the first above elbow amputee to return to active duty in the United States Army.

It was during the process of fighting his way back to active duty that he discovered endurance sports. He had been an athlete prior to joining the Army so he has always been very physically fit and very competitive. Losing his arm, while difficult to process and maneuver, was not going to be something that would keep him from continuing to compete. He began with Spartan obstacle races then moved into cycling and eventually triathlon.

As an elite athlete for the Team Psycho Elite Development Program as well as an athlete representing the World Class Athlete Program, he is training to land a spot on the 2024 Paris Paralympic team. Understanding that he is a underrepresented athlete in the sport of triathlon, he founded Swim Bike Run 4 Equality in hopes to bring more diversity to the sport.

Years Involved in Multisport: 4 years 

Role the USA Triathlon Foundation: Captain of the Ambassador Team

Why do you like being involved with the USA Triathlon Foundation? Michael loves the opportunity to inspire, motivate and encourage others to try a triathlon. I hope to promote Inclusion and Diversity in multisport along the way.