Kevin Haas

Legacy Member

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona

Education: Ph.D. chemical engineering, University of California-Berkeley, Bachelor of Science, chemical engineering and chemistry.

Career:  Chief Technology Officer for Myriad Genetics, a premier genetic screening and testing company empowering women and their families to make critical and timely healthcare decisions, whether they’re thinking about starting a family or evaluating risk for cancer.

Years Involved in Multisport: Completed first triathlon in 2007 (the UC-Berkeley Bearathlon).

Your Role with USA Triathlon: Legacy Member of the USA Triathlon Foundation. General director for the West region representing the athletes, coaches, clubs and race directors to ensure the future growth of the sport and provide new opportunities to our members. Recently chaired the officials task force to increase engagement and recruit more officials. Currently chair the rules harmonization task force to modernize the USAT competitive rules and build alignment and collaboration with Ironman and ITU.

Why are you involved with the USA Triathlon Foundation: Deep passion for the sport of triathlon and desire to improve access and increase opportunities and resources for our athletes, be it youth just starting out in the sport, giving para triathletes the ability to compete, or developing the next generation of Olympians to represent the USA.

Athletic Background: Numerous running and biking trails in the bay area and nice California weather made for a perfect escape from grad school and a great way to spend time with buddies on the UC-Berkeley triathlon team.