Joe Maloy

Ambassador Team Captain and 2016 Olympian- Professional Triathlete

Resides in: Naples, FL 

Educational Background: Boston College BA English, 2008; MS Administration, 2010

Athletic/Professional Career: Multiple National Champion, US Olympian, World Champion Mixed Team Relay, Foundation Camp Record for Base to Summit of the Incline. Joe is the Collegiate Recruitment Program Coordinator for USA Triathlon. 

Years Involved with Multisport: 11 years

Role with the USA Triathlon Foundation: Captain of the Ambassador Team 

Why do you like being involved with the USA Triathlon Foundation? I've spent most of my triathlon career focused on becoming as fast as possible.  Working with the USA Triathlon Foundation helps me experience our sport through different athletic perspectives. I'm grateful for the opportunity to influence and enrich someone else's journey through the sport, whether it be someone who is beginning his/her triathlon journey or someone who has raced long enough to remember the sport as a grassroots fitness craze.  Connecting with these individuals inspires me to spread the message about the important work the USA Triathlon Foundation does to increase access to a sport that teaches so much more than fitness.