Jacqueline McCook

Member of the Board and Past President of the USA Triathlon Board

Resides: Bend, Oregon

Educational Background: Stanford University and Harvard Business School 

Career: Over 30 years of strategy, marketing and finance experience in consumer-oriented retail, restaurants, manufacturing and advisory organizations, including Morgan Stanley, McKinsey & Company, Target, Avon, PepsiCo Restaurants/YUM, Burger King, Mattel, ConAgra Foods and Pasha's Restaurants.

Years Involved in Multisport: Over 25 years

Role the USA Triathlon Foundation: Member of the Board

Why are you involved with the USA Triathlon Foundation:  I've never met a sport I didn't like, so combining multiple sports into one event is even more fun. However, the greatest joy is sharing the possibilities, and enabling others to pursue the multisport lifestyle themselves. The Foundation ensures access and exposure to the multisport world for young athletes and athletes with disabilities, who might not otherwise have such opportunities. We also support the dreams of young Olympic hopefuls, who need a little help to make their dreams a reality.

Athletic Background: Jacqueline was a high school gymnast who dabbled in track and swimming. She then went on to be the co-founder and captain of the Women’s Water Polo team at Stanford University. She completed the three-week Summit/Outward Bound survival program. She cycled from Lake Tahoe, California to Bend, Oregon along the Sierra Crest, completed New York and Boston marathons, Miami Tropical half marathon and many 10ks. She also is the captain of Miami Women’s Premier Soccer league team, a daily runner and swimmer, and a weekend bike rider. Her first triathlon was Mission Viejo Triathlon in the early 90s on a 1977 Motobecane 10-speed road bike and she still competes on the same one! Jacqueline was a qualifiying member of Team USA in 2019.